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On Saturday, July 18, 2020 Laura Harper Lake (of Artful Harper Studios) presents her series The Woodlands Above in the backyard gallery space at Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery. The rain-date is July 25, 2020. Harper Lake will also be 

giving away 40 tree seedlings at the exhibit opening! These seedlings are coming from the Arbor Day FoundationOne seedling per household and first come, first serve!

The Woodlands Above exhibit features small-scale oil paintings on wood remnants by Laura Harper Lake. Inspired by the conditions of our rapidly changing planet, and specifically the large-scale wildfires that ravage our forests all over the world, Harper Lake reflects on the calming and placid nature of trees which are critical to human life on earth and often taken for granted. The positive space of the tree and the negative space around the human forms are both unpainted, letting the grain represent the wood itself and the connection of life between the two subjects. 


We're thrilled to also have live music performed by Bug at the reception.

Please note: We are requesting attendees to please bring a mask to wear should it not be possible to be physically distant in the outside gallery space or to use the inside facilities.

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Laura Harper Lake, an artist and graphic designer based in southern New Hampshire. She loves to make things.

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